David Butler

Master Level Trainer

Dave Butler is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and an ACSM Certified Health & Fitness Instructor with over 27 years of experience as a personal trainer. In that time he has worked with everyone from children to the elderly, nationally ranked athletes to arm-chair quarterbacks, those trying to lose weight to those trying to bulk up. All have benefited from his depth of knowledge, gentle encouragement and high energy level.

Dave graduated from SCSU in 1989 with a BS in Human Performance with a concentration in Nutrition. Dave has worked as an exercise instructor at Temple Physical Therapy in New Haven, a personal trainer at other health clubs and a private personal training studio before coming to In Shape in 1994. As a personal trainer, Dave has helped and motivated many people be healthier and achieve their fitness goals.

Dave has participated in sports his whole life, including 12 years of competitive swimming, three years of track & field and two years of USCF cycling. He has also participated in four years of Sprint & Olympic Distance triathlons, a Half-Ironman triathlon and three full marathons, including the New York City marathon in 2013. He participates in half marathons regularly, and continues to keep himself thoroughly fit with resistance and high-level fitness training in the gym.

He is one of our most experienced and knowledgeable trainers, with a very high rate of retention, who keeps his clients coming back year after year because he can consistently deliver the results they are looking for. He is an absolute pleasure to have on our team of talented trainers.