Matthew Pacelli

Certified Personal Trainer

Matthew is a graduate of the Professional Fitness Trainer Certification program at Branford Hall, where he graduated with his National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer designation.

Growing up, Matthew was small for his age, and very thin, and lacked self-confidence. Inspired by his father, he was intrigued at the idea of the ability of the human body to build muscle, mass and strength. When he got to junior year in high school, he joined a gym for the first time. He started working out on a regular basis, loving the atmosphere and support, and started learning more about nutrition and macros to help increase his size. This developed into a fascination with powerlifting.

In 2015 he joined In Shape Fitness, and by the time he became a senior in high school, he had grown in size and strength, and began developing programs for his friends & family, which led him to pursue his personal training certification at Branford Hall. He completed his externship at Branford Hall at In Shape, and was eager to apply his experience, with everything he learned in school, at his home gym. Matthew is an advocate of compound, multijoint, functional movements because of the metabolic effect on the body.

His charm and warm personality made him a welcomed addition to our dynamic staff.