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  • GOAL: Weight Loss, Weight Management, Strength & Muscle Tone Time to reach goal: Long-term client, still in training I have been a member of In Shape for a number of years now. In 2013, Julia offered me a free consultation, I signed up for training and she set me up with Catherine Walsh. I had always enjoyed the classes and utilizing the machines on my own schedule, but it was time to add a new level to my fitness regimen. Catherine helped me get into shape for my son’s wedding. Her motivation, coaching and guidance have been life changing for me. She has made me much stronger. Running 5K races became a little hobby this year, and she helped me shave 10 minutes off my time! The energy, strength and mental clarity that working out gives me is extremely important to the quality of my life and gives me a positive outlook that carries me through my day. My hope is to add more gym time in 2016, especially with your new “jungle gym” for grown-ups (Catherine had me try it last week). Thanks for the encouragement Julia…and for Catherine, or as I call her…”Coach”!

  • GOAL: Restore Muscle Tone & Function after Atrophy from Prolonged Illness Time to reach goal: 6 Months Dave Butler was an absolutely fantastic trainer!! I came to Dave, after an illness, with really poor muscle strength. He worked with my limitations in such a way that I felt stronger even after the first week with him. Every time I left him I was stronger and stronger and able to do things that I had been completely unable to do just months before. Dave was the perfect combination of tough and fun. He never let me slack off but rather kept pushing me to my limits which not only grew my physical strength but my confidence as well. He gave me a new lease on life and I cannot ever thank him enough!!!! To sum it up, Dave is an incredibly caring, smart, and highly skilled personal trainer! Thank you Dave for everything you did for me!

  • GOAL: Weight Loss, Strength & Muscle Tone Time to reach goal: Long-term client, still in training This was me at my volunteer job before my commitment to get control of myself when I started working with Dave Moore. Yesterday, this is me in a bathing suit. My friends made me pose for this picture because they were so shocked (of course, I think the angle of the photo is helping me look thinner!). Even if I am unable to continue training, I will forever carry Dave’s lessons and encouragement.

  • GOAL: Weight Loss Time to reach goal: Still in Training since February 2013 I played basketball when I was in college, and I was in pretty good shape. But that was 18 years and over 100 pounds ago. When it got to the point where I couldn't see my feet when I looked down, I knew it was time to do something. But I hadn't been in a gym in years. The idea of trying to get back into shape was a little scary, but working out at In Shape has been a blast. My trainer, Sean Brown, is a great guy, a great teacher, and he makes sure I take no shortcuts. After seven months, I can see the difference, I can feel the difference, and others have noticed it too (like my doctor, who's thrilled). I know I still have more work to do, but thanks to In Shape, I'm off to a great start.


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