Aris Mier

Aris Mier

Personal Trainer

In Shape Fitness Center and its executive management team of Mark Esposito and Rob Acquavella are pleased to announce the promotion of Aris Mier to Fitness Director.

Prior to taking the role of Fitness Director, Aris was a personal trainer at The Edge Fitness Clubs in Orange, LA Fitness in Trumbull, and In Shape for a total of four years. Before Aris’ career in the fitness industry began, he was the Lead Supervisor of Security for the Connecticut Post Mall for three years. He has a B.S. in Exercise Science with a concentration in Human Performance from Southern Connecticut State University. Aris holds a corrective exercise specialist certification through NASM and a tactical strength and conditioning facilitator certification through NSCA. He is a certified nutritionist level 1 coach through Precision Nutrition. Furthermore, Aris finished top 3 in the country for quarterly Dot Fit sales in 2021.

Overall, Aris brings extensive knowledge and experience along with a passion for changing the lives of everyone he comes in contact with. With this new position, he will not only help clients achieve their health and fitness goals, but also help the team around him grow in their careers as fitness professionals. In this new position, Aris will be overseeing the growth of the personal training and Dot Fit supplement aspects of our business.

We look to our training team to welcome Aris as its new leader and to embrace his direction as we all succeed together. Please congratulate Aris on his new position when you see him in the gym.

3 years experience

Hobbies :
Playing sports, collecting comic books

“Do today what others aren’t willing to do, so tomorrow you can do what others can’t do”