James LyonsCertified Personal Trainer

    James developed his passion for fitness when he joined the high school wrestling team, as he was constantly striving to improve his athletic performance to gain a competitive edge over his opponents.  He grew up playing a variety of sports including wrestling, lacrosse, basketball and martial arts.

    As he ventured along his fitness journey, and started to experience for himself the power of health and wellness, he became increasingly compelled to share the knowledge with others, to help change lives.

    That led him to choosing his major in college, studying Nutrition and Dietetics.  In order to develop his expertise with regard to exercise component of achieving optimized fitness, he subscribed to the challenging self-study course offered by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  After months of diligent studying and hard work, he finally obtained the Certified Personal Trainer designation, all on his own.

    With his background in so many different sports, his major in Nutrition, obvious passion for helping others develop a love of fitness, welcoming disposition, and now armed with the highly coveted NASM CPT designation, he is a welcomed addition to our dynamic team of training professionals.