Bernie OroszCertified Personal Trainer

    Bernie began his fitness background over 30 years ago while serving in the military. Beginning with basic weight training, he has witnessed the fitness industry’s transformation and development. He started to truly focus his attention on more specific goals fifteen years ago. It was this enthusiasm that led him to expand his knowledge into multiple areas of fitness. After a 35 year career in business, Bernie decided to devote a second career to helping others reach their health and fitness goals.

    He understands the challenges of balancing family and career along with proper fitness training. “Family will always come first, but by maximizing the limited time people have to spend in the club, they will feel better and have more energy when spending that quality time with their loved ones.” With this in mind, Bernie individualizes each workout for the member, optimizing the time they have to give to health and wellness.

    Bernie mission is to provide fitness programs that are challenging, enjoyable and beneficial. He believes progress has no limits, and his philosophy is simple. “We all want to look and feel better, and this can be accomplished with the right guidance”. Since everyone’s goals and priorities can vary, so should the plan for reaching them. He also wants to insure that your fitness plan will compliment your lifestyle.